How To Spend A Healthy Day In London

London really is every fitness lover’s dream. In recent years the number of health cafes and gym classes has exploded, meaning that you can easily fill a day or two with all things health and fitness! Grab your best girlfriend/boyfriend/mum, book a train/plane/bus to this incredible city and get ready for a jam packed, healthy day in London…


Give the London rush hour a miss and have a chilled out morning before heading out for brunch. There are so many healthy cafes that have managed to transform the humble egg into a spectacular meal so you’ll be spoilt for choice no matter where you are staying. Callum and I have travelled all over London in search of the perfect brunch so I’m sure one of our favourites will be located near you.

Rawduck, East London. This trendy cafe located in Hackney is most well-known known for its fermented drinks but they also do some incredible things with eggs. My favourite dish here is the Harissa Eggs but my boyfriend loves the breakfast bap. Go here if you fancy something a bit more interesting than eggs and avo.

Farm Girl, West London. Ok so I know that eggs and avo have been done so much but they do it REALLY well here. A sprinkling of pomegranate works wonders and really makes this dish come to life. Grab one of their lovely outdoor tables if you’re visiting in the summer or head to their new cafe located in the Sweaty Betty Carnaby Street store if you want to avoid the crowds.

The Good Egg or Blue Legume, North London. It doesn’t really matter where you eat, just get yourself to Church Street, Stoke Newington, to discover every serial bruncher’s dream. Both sides of the road are lined with cafes serving up brilliant brunches. The area is lovely and you are close to Clissold Park if you want to walk off brunch afterwards. The two cafes listed above are ones that I recommend but there are numerous others to choose from!


If you’re a complete coffee addict like me then now is your chance to grab a cheeky coffee. All of mine and Callum’s favourite coffees are located close together in the City. They are definitely worth the extra effort to get to and you’ll see some London landmarks on your way. Coffee on Fleet Street anyone?

Top three: Prufrock, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, Fleet Street Press.


Next up is your chance to use your caffeine boost at one of London’s many exercise classes. No healthy day in London will be complete without a trip to an exercise class! I’ve listed my favourites but there are so many good ones that I probably won’t fit them all in!

Psycle. This class is the dream for anyone that loves clubbing but hates the hangover that comes with it. Expect loud music, great lighting and a very intense workout. Book a class with Marion if you want to a fun class that helps you improve your technique!

Best’s Bootcamp. Combining cardio and resistance training, you’ll be sure to get sweaty during this workout. The sessions are broken down into push, pull or total body which makes it a bit different to your typical arms/legs/full body days. It’s also worth a visit just to try the treadmills that can go downhill!? They also have great lighting and change the playlist daily.

The Core Collective. Get to one of Em Fury’s Resistance classes and you will not regret it. Not only is she one of my fav girls on Insta, she also delivers a brilliant class that will offer an alternative to your usual workout style. Expect to use TRX ropes and feel a serious ab burn during this class!

1Rebel. I absolutely love classes here and used to regularly go after work- I was lucky enough to have it next door to my office! The lighting and sound system make you feel like you’re in a club which creates a really motivational atmosphere. It’s also worth visiting just to use their incredible changing rooms – I’m talking hair clips, GHD hairdryers, straighteners and super funky mirrors.


I hope you’re ready to eat again because it’s time for lunch! There are so many places that you can go to grab lunch, you can even head for lunch at one of the recommended brunch places.

The Mae Deli. I’m sure that anyone who has Instagram will know that this is Deliciously Ella’s place. As an absolute bean lover, I really like it here. The food is packed full of flavour and I love places that encourage you to eat meals without meat. The smoothies are all delicious too! You can end up waiting for a table so perhaps consider a takeaway to eat in Hyde Park or make sure that you get there after 1pm to avoid the lunch rush.

Timmy Green. Click here to see just how amazing the food is at this place!

Planet Organic or Wholefoods. Go along to one of these incredible stores and make your own lunch from the hot or cold selection. I love the Wholefoods in Kensington because it has a huge selection of hot and cold salads that you can pick and mix. Alternatively, they also sell dips, healthy snacks and ready-made baguettes and wraps so you can always put together a picnic style lunch.


London is full of lovely parks and so depending on where you are in London, I’d choose one of the below and go for a post-lunch walk or hire a Santander bike.

  1. Hyde Park
  2. Hampstead Heath
  3. Kensington Gardens
  4. Clissold Park


After a busy day running all over London, you’ll probably be ready for some rest!

This guide to a healthy day in London only mentions some of my favourite brunch spots and exercise classes but I would love to hear anyone else’s recommendations as I love discovering new places in my home city.


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