Why We All Need A Bit More Self Belief

On a recent trip to the South of France with Callum, we had a bit of a reflective moment. We were both sat in a lovely cafe having a coffee and were talking about our experiences over the last year. We have had so many brilliant opportunities recently and it was so nice to recap about our experiences travelling, the current stage we are at in our careers and how far my blog has come. I feel extremely grateful for the life that I have. It can be hard juggling work, studying and my blog but the work that I have put in is now really paying off. I’ve been able to travel the world, get the graduate job that I dreamed of and work with amazing brands like Pandora. I want you to all look at your lives and feel the same. I want you all to achieve your goals. I want you to be excited about the opportunities that you have. But to get to this stage you have to believe in yourself!

I wanted to start a blog for years but always worried that no one would be interested in what I had to say. I didn’t believe that I was good enough to get the graduate job that I wanted. As a result, I didn’t start my blog and I didn’t apply to the best graduate schemes. Once I started to ignore that self doubt, everything started to change. So ignore those questions about whether you are good enough or capable of doing something that you want to do. Believe in yourself, go for it and don’t look back!

I feel so lucky to be able to work with Pandora and have found out so much about them as a result of my work with them, in particular how important it is to them to remain socially responsible. I love their beautiful, hand-crafted jewellery and if you’ve seen any of my recent Instagram stories, you’ll have noticed that I don’t go out without at least one of their pieces on now. Each piece is hand finished and to me, this is something that truly represents the care Pandora take in everything they do. What I love even more is how highly they value the people that work for them. I am fortunate to be going into a career where I am valued for my skills and looked after as an employee. Pandora also cares for its employees, and this level of care doesn’t change whether that employee is based in England or in Thailand.

I took all of my beautiful Pandora pieces with me to France and I have selected some of my favourite images to share with you below.

Eternal Elegance Drop Earrings – Radiant Elegance Drop Earrings – Radiant Elegance Ring – Interlinked Circles Stud Earrings – Pandora Rose Necklace – Timeless Elegance Pendant


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