Unhealthy Easter? Here’s how to recover…

I doubt I’m alone in admitting that I can’t do a controlled Easter. Every year I say that I won’t overindulge. I won’t have an unhealthy Easter. I’ll just have a tiny bit of chocolate. No way am I going to eat an entire Easter egg, a pack of Yorkshire puddings and anything else that’s unfortunate enough to be in my kitchen cupboards. (All before 1pm in case you were wondering…) Yet somehow I manage to outdo myself every single year. So having accepted I have no self control during any holiday based on eating chocolate, I’ve learnt how to move on and keep any post-Easter damage to a minimum.

Don’t Have Any Regrets About An Unhealthy Easter

Yes, you may have eaten more food and chocolate than you believed to be humanly possible but you need to accept this fact and move on. A weekend of overindulgence is not going to make you gain weight. Accept that you ate too much, restock the fridge with healthy food and stop beating yourself up. There is no point feeling guilty for enjoying yourself!

Focus On The Week After An Unhealthy Easter

It’s very easy to let a weekend of poor eating throw you off track. Don’t let it! Plan your meals and your workouts for the week ahead. This will ensure you know exactly what to do to get back on track and stop you skipping workouts and eating leftover chocolate for the next week. I, myself have booked a Monday morning gym class as I know that will get my week of to a healthy start!

If you are struggling with how to live a healthy life more generally then my blog How To Get Lean might be helpful.

Get Rid Of Any Leftover Easter Chocolate

The old me would have told you to eat any chocolate in sight to make sure nothing was left to tempt you next week. In reality, I think this is a silly and unhealthy approach. Instead, throw the chocolate away, place it somewhere you can’t reach/will forget about or force your boyfriend to eat it. Luckily Callum got me a dark chocolate Easter egg and I’ve now got to a stage where I can trust myself to have chocolate in the house. If you have the self control then keep the chocolate to have as a treat.

Drink Lots Of Water

Ok, I’m going to be completely honest and tell you that I have no idea if this does anything. Despite this I think we could all do with drinking a bit more water anyway so make sure that you’re getting enough every day!






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Any advice is based purely on personal experience. For dietary issues requiring specialist support, please contact a registered nutritionist.

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