The Ultimate Guide To Bali

After three trips to Bali in the last three years, it’s safe to say that Callum and I are ever so slightly hooked. Beautiful beaches, incredible food and lovely people have kept us coming back year after year. During our first two stays we barely managed to venture outside of Seminyak and so I’m writing this guide to help you see as much of this beautiful island as possible. I hope you enjoy my guide to Bali!

Where to stay


Sahana Villas, Seminyak

Seminyak has been our favourite place to stay since our first visit to Bali but our time at Sahana confirmed that we will definitely be back to Seminyak on our next trip. These three bedroom villas offer ultimate luxury right in the heart of Seminyak. Sahana’s excellent location means that you are ideally located by the best shops, restaurants and bars but as the villas are set back from the main road, you are never disturbed by any noise. Every morning we woke up looking out on to a beautiful pool and palm trees before having a delicious breakfast cooked for us to enjoy in our villa. The villas are spotlessly clean, well equipped with everything from a blender to speciality Sahana coffee. There are three bedrooms each set out around the villa, making this a perfect trip for families, groups of friends, or couples who want a bit more space on their getaway. We were absolutely gutted to leave but will definitely be straight back here when we return to Bali!

Ibis Styles, Petitenget

If you’re travelling to Bali on a smaller budget then I think this place is by far your best bet. Although you won’t have the luxury of Sahana, you will still have a pool, a small but nice gym and a spotlessly clean hotel to stay in. Callum and I have stayed here a few times now and have always been impressed. The staff are extremely welcoming and accommodating, the breakfast is excellent and it won’t break the bank! Petitenget is also a great area of Seminyak as you’re close to good restaurants and brunch spots, spas and Potato Head Beach Club.


Sukhavati Retreat and Spa

Neither Callum or I had previously ventured outside of the main tourist hotspots of Bali so we were excited to try a new area. Sukhavati is a retreat and spa located in a small village, around 40 minutes outside of Seminyak. It was a lovely, peaceful location and we really enjoyed relaxing by our private pool and reading our books. During our time here we were absolutely spoilt with massages, facials and pedicures so it’s safe to say we left feeling very relaxed. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to our room everyday and it was always delicious and really creative! Each morning we had mung bean pancakes with fresh fruit salad and I’m still desperate to find the recipe! The staff here are also incredibly lovely and could not have done more for us during our stay.


Watermark Hotel and Spa

Why we have never stayed in Jimbaran I do not know! We will definitely be back in Jimbaran for a few days next time because of its beautiful beaches and incredible seafood. Watermark Hotel and Spa is a great place to stay if you want somewhere near the beach, with a great rooftop pool and have a budget to stick to. The rooms are reasonably priced and there is a concierge who can take you to the private beach. There’s also a very instagrammable sunbed on the rooftop pool and I definitely recommend taking a couple of snaps if you stay. The staff were lovely and the Nespresso machine in the room was a great touch for coffee addicts like me and Callum!

Where To Eat and Drink


Seafood Dinner at Made Bagus

This is an absolute must during any trip to Jimbaran – I’d even make the trip here one evening for a dinner even if you aren’t able to stay in the area. Head down to the beach and pick the busiest seafood restaurant on the beach (Made Bagus was excellent) and sit down to the best seafood dinner of your life. Callum and I had a feast of prawns, red snapper, squid and lobster which was all served with rice and vegetables. Grab a couple of Bintang beers and you have the perfect evening! Did I mention all of this will cost you less then £25? If you want to make it extra special, head to Uluwatu and watch the sunset before scooting back to Jimbaran.


Anywhere that makes me want to eat tofu at every meal for the rest of my life has done something very very right. I ordered the tofu curry which was absolutely delicious and has made me want to start eating tofu more regularly. Callum got the red snapper and it was also excellent. Make sure you order some cocktails whilst you’re here as the are very good – I recommend the sangria!


Ok wish me luck here because this could be an entire blog post in itself.


Oh my god. This place is every brunch lover’s heaven. Callum always gets the brioche french toast that is loaded with chocolate, granola clusters and briochy deliciousness. I normally go for a healthier option like the shakshuka or eggs in a sunflower puree before proceeding to eat half of Callum’s french toast (which I may have helped persuade him/begged him to order). Oh and the coffee they use is incredible.


The best salads in Bali full stop. Not those rubbish salads that are just full of leaves though, I am talking a salad bar that lists roasted vegetable lasagne, garlic stuffed mushrooms and spinach stuffed crepes on its menu. Ok so these things don’t sound very much like the contents of a salad but I’m not complaining. If you want some leaves, they do those too…

Cafe Organic

I really wish we could do vegetarian cafes like this in England. I feel like the second a vegetarian cafe pops up in the UK it suddenly becomes full vegan and if you want a meal then you are going to have to accept some green spirulina powder being sprinkled all over your lunch. This place is the opposite. Think hearty vegetarian brunch meals like breakfast burritos stuffed full of eggs, beans and roasted veg. Their smoothie bowls are also incredible and I always like to have one for dessert (trust me one meal will not be enough when it tastes this good!).

Revolver Cafe

If you want good coffee in Bali then this is another great place to go!


Cal and I had a really lovely, romantic meal here. The food is not only delicious, but also really creative too, using local flavours and ingredients with a modern twist. The bar can create a tailor made cocktail for you and mine was excellent so definitely see what they can come up with for you. I loved watching the chefs do their work in the open kitchen (which was spotlessly clean) and you could really see that the head Chef knew what he was doing. Definitely recommended!

Sea Circus

We liked the look of the menu here so much that we ordered 6 plates of tacos (each plate had 3 tacos). The waitress kindly told us that we might want to cut that one down a bit and we went for 4 instead – she still looked concerned but we like a challenge. Well I am so glad that we ordered so many because they were incredible. Everything we ate was delicious but their jackfruit tacos were my favourite and the next time I’m back in Bali, i’m heading straight to Sea Circus to order them again.


I love this place so much and will never go to Bali without visiting it. We discovered it on our first trip and the romantic atmosphere, good food and very cheap prices have kept us coming back year after year. Make sure you get a seat outside so that you can eat yummy Italian food whilst listening to live music.

Potato Head Beach Club

Try to get here before sunset so that you get a good spot to watch the sun go down on the beach. We had never managed this until the penultimate night of our third trip to Bali but it was so worth the weight. I got a really nice cocktail served in a coconut and Cal and I shared some flatbread. It’s not a bad way to spend an evening!




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