Welcome to The Lean Lawyer…

Let me introduce myself to you all! My name is Alex and I’m a 22 year old from London. I’m currently living with my boyfriend in London and we will shortly begin training as lawyers.

Health, food and fitness have always been an important part of my life but this has become even more so in the past year. Returning from a year of overindulgence on my year abroad in Singapore I promised myself  that I would make some much needed changes to my unhealthy lifestyle. That meant a dramatic overhaul of my diet, my exercise routine and my relationship with food. Fast forward one year and, although I’m by no means an expert, I now feel that I am in a place where I fully understand my body, what it needs and what it doesn’t. A couple of years into my health and fitness journey, I feel better equipped to deal with the many challenges that face health and fitness when you are living a busy life and I will be sharing all my tips and tricks with you.

I hope my site is able to offer guidance on health, food and fitness to people who are in the same confused position as I was last year. Hopefully I can also cater to those of you who just want to try new workouts, new recipes, find out how to stay fit and healthy whilst travelling.